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- thanks from 209 and VRD to all involved in making the records happen

209 thanks :
the Chester family, the Murray family, Kath & Ron - congrats for 2003!, Maisie and the dogs - stay down.
The P Brothers - english gentlemen - Ivory - b-boy supreme, Paul-S - please to have met you, eyezofman - 03 to infinity, A-Bomb - blowin' up, Cappo - its all 1-5! S.T.W, Konny Kon - thanks for droppin in and FREEZIN it!
Growing up : Mr Jago - a fine gentleman, Tim, Jon, Stan, Wayne, DJ Weave, Def Tex and all Norwich crews ( MC Squared hold tight! Waterfront nights) from the early 90's, Damien N and the Framlingham people (Boy Blue mix tape business)
Coventry : the Elite, Marcus, Nik, Andy, Martin, James P, Putney Ben, Ollie B, Skill Kid, Chris Dog, Jus, Bam Bam, Coventry Matt, Andy & Donna Chong
Leicester : everyone at PEEL, my man DJ Ade - the parsley provider, Lisa, Andy Simpson, Luke, Dom, Gav@JamFactory, Pete, Dave and the Wellgosh crew, Indy + family, Mr Coyne, John Grace (respect) & Jean
Nottingham : Moe Brandy, The Baron, The Condor, Jackie & lil'Jay, the Peters family, The Gambler and Studio Cat, Joe Buddha, Mr 45, Outdaville.

eyezofman thanks :
209 - Fanx for everything, peace to your fam. P Bros, Cappo, Outdaville and all the Notts people. Aymz - onelove. My Brother A-Bomb - one of the finest! Speech Ferapy - Rayezabeek, Shakespearz, Metaphysik, Bomb, Dark Angel, YTG, Vince, Levi and Ritten. Rowletts mans. NRT. SRA, Hackah, Casper and all the Highfields mans. Castle Rock and everyone associated (ASB). Ill Smiths. Dj Dice and Casio. All the writers. Ade, Word to the Gambler, and the legendary Studio Cat! Live long Nas's pigeon! Maisie. My Pops for a life of inspiration. All respect and support to Leicester and all its people. Anyone I forgot, you know who you are! A sincere fanx to anyone who supports Hip-Hop with feeling..Peace!

additional thanks :
Ryan Proctor - full on support!, Johnathon @ Independant Records, Disorda & Skeg @ Boombox, Bill @ Cargo, Unity Press for slick printing, Peter @ britishhiphop.co.uk, Mr Spence & Mr Littlefair for the K.N.O.W.L.E.D.G.E. and to everyone I forgot - pt.2 has got your name on it! Dwyz @ britishhiphop.com.

thanks for the records :
UK -
Demon Boys, London Posse, Hijack, Blade, Caveman, Hardnoise, Son of Noise, Gunshot, Silver Bullet, J Saul Kane, Overlord X, Hoodlum Priest.

3rd Bass, Public Enemy, Gangstarr, RunDMC, Beastie Boys, EPMD, Nas, UltraMagnetic, Furious Five, Streetsounds Electro / Hip Hop compilations, NWA, Brand Nubian, LONS, Fat Joe, Show & AG, Diamond D, Lord Finesse, Tribe called Quest, Tim Dog, Eric B & Rakim, Wu-Tang, Ghostface, Mobb Deep, Redman, AFKIKA BAMBAATAA.

Special thanks to Julia and Isabelle - the foundation.