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The STILLEXSTATIC EP can be brought directly from 209 for 5.00 + 1.50 for standard postage - postage will be charged at cost for Special or Recorded Delivery in the UK or overseas orders. You can also pay via PAYPAL to ed209@superexstatic.com

Review from Disorda @ Suspect Packages:

"...ED209's 'Still Exstatic EP' has reached us and boy does it kick ass. Featured emcees on Ed's ground shaking beats are Cappo with the head snappin 'El Mariachi', EyezOfMan with 'Still Exstatic', Konny Kon with 'Live From Siberia' & A-Bomb, Konny Kon, Cappo & Eyez on the posse cut 'Bazzar Bomberz', also featured is the instrumental 'Fear & Television' "

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For information on where to send payment, contact : 209@superexstatic.com
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> stillexstatic
feat: eyezofman

> El Mariachi
feat: Cappo

> Live from Siberia
feat: Konny Kon

> Bazzar Bomberz
feat: A-Bomb / Konny Kon / Cappo / eyezofman

> Fear & Television

Side A :
'STILLEXSTATC' feat. eyezofman | 'EL MARIACHI feat Cappo | 'LIVE FROM SIBERIA' feat. Konny Kon | 'BAZZAR BOMBERZ' feat. A-Bomb / Konny Kon / Cappo / eyezofman | 'FEAR & TELEVISION'

Side B ( instrumental soundtrack ) :
'MAIN THEME' 'stillexstatic' inst. | 'THE CHASE' 'el mariachi' inst. | 'NOW THE FUSE IS LIT' 'live from Siberia' inst. | 'MAKING AN EXIT' 'bazzar bomberz' inst. | 'TRIUMPH' 'fear & television' inst.

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